Azusa Pacific University graduates to take jobs with Big Future

Azusa-Pacific University graduates are looking for a new job in the tech industry.

In a new survey, students from the university reported being more likely to seek employment with Big Futures than any other sector, including law enforcement and social work.

In the first quarter of 2020, the average salary of the students in Azusa’s program was $68,000, which ranked 11th in the nation.

Azusa is located in the Pacific Northwest, a region where the median income is $52,000 per year, according to a recent Brookings Institution study.

In addition, a number of Azusa students are now applying to law enforcement jobs, according in the survey.

More than 80 percent of the university’s graduates are now employed in law enforcement positions, and nearly half of the school’s graduates have law enforcement-related experience, including the academy.

Azuna students report that they are more likely than their peers in other colleges to use Big Futuses and their own personal skills to solve problems.

“Azusa Pacific has always been known as a great university.

As we approach our 21st year, we have seen a number on our campus over the last few years,” said Azusa Chancellor Dr. David Durbin.

“Our graduates are making a positive contribution to the economy and are excited to be a part of Big Future.”

The university’s Big Future program is comprised of more than 40,000 students who work in the law enforcement field and are focused on developing skills that will be critical to the city of Seattle.

Azuapaul is a public institution and its students have to meet the same criteria as other public institutions to qualify to receive financial aid.

“I think they really feel they have a great foundation to learn,” said student Sarah Ritter, who graduated from Azusa in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

“They have a passion for the law and they are going to be great partners for the city.”

For now, Azusa and its Big Futur graduates are working in the Seattle Police Department, but they will be working for the Azusa Police Department in the future.

“The Seattle Police is a very, very special place, but there are other opportunities,” said Ritter.

“The city needs a great public safety department.

I’m excited that I can work for the Seattle police.”

The survey also found that students are more willing to work in technology and social media, and Azusa graduates are more satisfied with their jobs than the students at other colleges.

About 85 percent of Azuaps graduates said they are “very satisfied” with their job, compared to 86 percent at Azusa, according the survey, which was conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Azua students also report that their employers are more accepting of their work than their colleagues in other schools.

“Our graduates feel they’re more like their peers and their peers feel like they’re like their classmates,” said Durbins associate chancellor for enrollment and enrollment analytics.

“There’s no question in my mind that they’re very happy and very motivated to be in the business.”

The first Big Future graduates to start their own companies are now receiving financial aid and are working toward their degree in the coming months.

Students also plan to apply to jobs in tech companies and are preparing for a future that may be different than what they know now.

“My dream is to work with my father in the military,” said Sarah Ritters first year Azusa grad.

“My goal is to have my own company.

I want to be involved in the company that is going to give me the best chance of being able to be successful in the workplace.”

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