How to find a new job in Australia

Posted September 20, 2018 03:19:56 The future is looking bright for some people.

A study by the University of Miami’s Graduate School of Business shows that Australia is a hotbed for the highly skilled, with an unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent.

But with the economy in a downturn, the opportunities for those looking for work have also shrunk.

With a new jobs report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, published on Thursday, unemployment in Australia has been falling for the past three months.

In fact, unemployment fell by 0.4 per cent over the past 12 months.

That’s a reduction of around 2.3 million jobs.

While the numbers are smaller than many people would like, the trend is significant.

It means that Australia’s labour market has turned from being full of people with skills who want to work in industries that require a high level of education to a world of low skilled workers who want work, with little to no experience or skills.

That shift is part of a bigger trend of the past few years that has seen the number of people in Australia who want jobs shrinking.

According to the Australian National University’s Graduate Institute, the number is shrinking by 1.2 million jobs per year.

In some industries, like retail and hospitality, that means people can’t find work.

This has affected many people who want a career in those industries.

“In retail, for example, we’re seeing a reduction in the number who are in retail as a result of the retail sector’s economic downturn,” said Professor Chris Waddell, the Graduate School’s associate professor of business.

It’s not that they’re disappearing, it’s that they have to be in a very short period of time to survive.” “

If you think about the number in retail, a significant number of retail jobs are part-timers.

It’s not that they’re disappearing, it’s that they have to be in a very short period of time to survive.”

In addition, a rise in the cost of living has been the main driver of job losses.

The average hourly wage in retail fell by $100 over the year to $21.20 in 2018, according to the latest Australian Bureau-Acta survey.

The wage also fell for the first time since 2012, the year before the global financial crisis.

“The biggest cause of these job losses is the cost-of-living increases,” Professor Waddill said.

“So retail workers are getting paid less in wages than they used to. “

It really puts a lot of pressure on them to make ends meet. “

So retail workers are getting paid less in wages than they used to.

The Australian Bureau is one of the world’s largest employers of retail workers. “

This is not just a result from the retail industry’s financial difficulties, but also the fact that there’s a shortage of retail staff.”

The Australian Bureau is one of the world’s largest employers of retail workers.

It employs more than 17,000 people in more than 400 stores across Australia.

But even with all the job losses, retail jobs remain an important part of the economy.

The industry has been a vital source of jobs since the 1980s and it’s predicted that it will add around 10 per cent to the country’s economy over the next five years.

There are currently around 7,500 people working in the retail field, according the Australian Retail Federation.

“We have a huge supply of labour that’s available to people to do those jobs,” said Associate Professor Wendell.

“That’s a big part of our retail sector.”

The problem for retailers is that they are becoming harder and harder to find.

“When we think of the job that we’re doing in the workplace, we think about that as an hourly job.

It does require a degree of education and skill,” he said.

In addition to the wages that are falling, there is also a growing trend of people going into the retail job market.

That means that a shortage is starting to show up in the job market as well.

The Australian Institute of Employment Research’s latest job survey shows that the number working in retail is falling.

And while retail jobs have been growing for a while, they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find for those wanting to work.

“Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen a huge reduction in hours worked, as well as a rise of part time employment,” Associate Professor Andrew Forrest, the executive director of the Australian Industry Group, told the ABC.

“And so, in that sense, we have a mismatch between the number and hours that retailers are employed.”

Associate Professor Forrest said that the industry was facing an increasingly difficult challenge in recruiting workers.

“It’s a very challenging sector in which to recruit,” he explained.

“They need to attract and retain the very best talent, they need to

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