How to find your perfect university: What to look for

The university where you were born, where you lived and raised and where you study and you love is what matters most.

Here are seven things you need to know to find the best place for you.


The average school in the U.S. is about 4,000 students.


Most universities require a 4-year degree to become a faculty member.


The most popular majors at the most popular colleges and universities are not economics, psychology, history, or biology.


There are three different types of degree.

The Ph.

D. is the most sought after, and there are several types of master’s degrees.


Some colleges and programs offer certificates of completion in a wide variety of subjects.


Some of the most common areas of study are computer science, physics, engineering, business, and mathematics.


Most students choose the College of Education as their major.


There is a strong correlation between how well students do in school and their future earnings.


There were 2.3 million new Ph.d.s awarded in 2014.


In 2014, the average graduate earned about $25,000.


There’s more than one reason for why students want to go to college.

Some students choose because they’re ambitious and want to get an education that they’ll never be able to afford.

Others choose to earn a degree to pursue careers that they’ve been pursuing for years.


The top three most popular reasons students cite for wanting to go into the sciences are “getting to know the world,” “finding a purpose,” and “becoming involved in something meaningful.”


There have been more than 10,000 Ph.

Ds awarded in the last 25 years.

(The University of Pennsylvania, for example, is the oldest continuously accredited college of higher education in the country.)


There has been a trend toward fewer Ph.

S.’s awarded, with only 6 percent in 2014, compared to the current 7.4 percent.


There was a big increase in the number of Ph.

D.’s granted in 2013.


The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has more than 7,000 undergraduate students.

(Its student body is roughly one-third of the size of the University of California-Berkeley.)


The best way to increase your chances of being accepted to a top-tier college is to be willing to work hard.


There aren’t a lot of programs that give you a full undergraduate education.

(Some programs require that you complete some coursework, such as business and economics, before you can attend.)


The median family income for U.N. students in the United States is $80,000, or about $3,000 more than it was a decade ago.


The United States ranked 26th in the world in terms of health outcomes in 2014 and 37th in 2015.


The country is ranked 42nd in the World Health Organization’s rankings of health indicators, including infant mortality, maternal mortality, and tuberculosis.


The U.K. had the highest number of new cases of Ebola last year, with an estimated 2,400 cases and a death toll of more than 9,000 people.



S, a research university in New York, was one of the first medical centers to offer the first-ever Ebola vaccine to patients in West Africa.


In addition to medical schools, the University at Buffalo and the University System of Georgia are among the nation’s best-known research universities.


More than 10 percent of U.C. students attend a private university.


U of T is a major U. of T campus, with more than 1,000 student groups.


The national average SAT score is 876, meaning it’s the eighth-highest score for a U. S. high school student.


U-M has one of only three undergraduate degree programs.


The College of Engineering offers four master’s and a doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded $2.1 billion in grants for biomedical research in 2014-2015.


The International Association of Medical Students is the largest student organization in the nation.


The Institute for Women’s Studies is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides programs and services to help women make a difference in the fields of health, environmental and economic justice, health care, public policy, and women’s issues.


The American Association of University Professors is the nation’ts largest faculty organization.


There may be more women than men in your graduating class, but they’re still

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