How to Protect Your Business From the Attack of Black Loyalties

An attack on the Black community has been brewing for years.

Many are already aware of the violence that has been waged against the Black students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

But for those of us in the business community, a lot has changed since then.

We have seen a resurgence of hate crimes against Black students and communities, including some of the most heinous of them.

But a few months ago, we learned that our community was being targeted again.

The news is still very raw, but the latest attack in Lafayette, Louisiana was particularly horrific.

It was a brutal, brutal attack by three men who broke into a house, attacked and stabbed a young Black woman, and killed her.

The attack left a gaping hole in the family of the victim, a young woman named Sharlene Robinson.

A young Black man was killed.

A Black family is now mourning for a young mother who was stabbed to death in their home.

This is not the first attack on Black students.

The Black community at large has been under attack for years by racists and racists like Donald Trump, who has been a leader in his own right in his efforts to demonize and isolate the Black Community.

He has tried to demonise the Black family, calling them criminals, drug dealers, criminals, and rapists, among other things.

We are now seeing the backlash he is seeking to instill into our communities.

It is time for Black leaders and community members to stand up and say no to the hate and racist rhetoric and policies that are being pushed by this Administration.

We have seen too many times in recent months that the Black and Brown community has not only been hurt by the Administration, but we have seen them become the targets of their own violence.

And now we are seeing them attacked again.

We need Black leaders to take a stand and speak out.

We must hold them accountable for their actions. 

We must call on Black leaders across America to stand together to condemn the actions of the Administration and the white supremacists who are threatening the Black Lives Matter movement.

We cannot let white supremacists succeed in destroying Black communities and Black families.

We should not allow this to happen.

We can’t allow our community to be used as a pawn in the hands of Trump and his supporters.

There are also many Black students who have been targeted by white supremacists, who are using their platform to attack Black students, and we must not allow that to happen either. 

In addition to being the target of hate and racism, Black students face other issues like being underrepresented in higher education, underrepresented at the top of the economic ladder, and being less able to access healthcare and other basic necessities than their white peers.

We will continue to fight for our Black students to have the best education and the best opportunities to succeed in this country, but also to fight to protect them from hate and intimidation, and to help them build communities that are safe and inclusive.

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