How to read the ‘unbelievable’ signs of the apocalypse in Canada

Canada’s worst natural disaster in decades has prompted new measures to ensure the public and residents know where to go, including new signage to remind people where to park.

The Globe Andamp; Mail has obtained a draft of a new federal strategy, which is being circulated to the provinces.

It recommends the mandatory evacuation warnings for certain residential areas, as well as a requirement for people to keep pets indoors.

The strategy also calls for the closure of schools, hospitals, churches, government offices, churches and churches-owned businesses.

It is unclear how the government will implement the recommendations.

The document also recommends the closure and removal of churches, and it calls on communities to avoid the use of loudspeakers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is essential that residents, visitors, and businesses remain alert, and to be aware of what to do in the event of an outbreak,” the draft document states.

“This includes providing the appropriate resources, training and information.”

The draft document is part of a consultation process launched by the provinces to update the country’s emergency preparedness strategy.

It was sent to the federal government on Tuesday.

“As we enter the next phase of the pandemic, we should be preparing to face the worst of it and take precautions to protect our people and our communities,” Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said in a news release.

“We should also be preparing for a scenario where our health care system becomes overwhelmed and there is a significant increase in the number of patients with serious illnesses and in the potential for an outbreak.

We must be ready to respond.”

The government also launched a public information campaign on Wednesday, which it says is aimed at making Canadians aware of the outbreak.

“The federal government has an emergency plan to deal with the pandemics,” the statement said.

“These plans are updated regularly.

The public is encouraged to review and update their information in order to be prepared for the impact of this pandemic on Canadians.”

The document also asks that people stay indoors and call 911 if they suspect an illness is spreading.

It says those who do so should remain at home and notify the police and fire departments.

People are also asked to avoid public gatherings, including weddings, funerals, and sporting events.

People can call the Emergency Alert Centre at 1-800-427-7121.

It also has information on where to buy and carry food and water, including the latest news on the pandemia.

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