How to stop campus sex predators with #TULANANO’s #SafeRomeo initiative

The American Conservatives is proud to announce that our campus sexual predators initiative has just won a $10,000 grant from the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to ending campus sexual assault.

As part of the program, which is being led by Tulane University in partnership with the Trevor Center, Tulane has been working with the Center to identify potential students and help them navigate the challenges of navigating the campus sexual predator registry.

The Trevor Center is also helping the Tulane administration identify and train potential law enforcement officers to identify and address potential campus sexual offenders.

“Our work with Tulane is about empowering students and ensuring their safety on campus,” said Trevor Center President and CEO, Mike Murphy.

“Tulane is making progress, but we are committed to continuing to expand our reach, and are excited to be partnering with the American Conservative on our efforts to fight sexual assault.”

The Trevor Project works to prevent sexual assault by providing confidential, crisis intervention, and crisis counseling services to survivors and their families.

To learn more about the Trevor Foundation, visit:

#TulaniaUniversity #SafeRoomeoTulanian #TUTUSafetyRoomeosafetyRomeosafeOlympicCampus #SafeCampusCampusSafety #TUROCampus #TulsaCampusThe Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to preventing sexual assault on college campuses by promoting education, advocacy, and prevention of campus sexual violence.

For more information about Trevor and the Trevor Institute, visit

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It is about the values that make us a force for good.

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To support the Trevor center’s work, please visit:

#SafeTulani #SafeLinesTulsamarket #SafeTrinity #SafeCAMPUS

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