How to stop your kids from learning about Zionism at school

A lot of young Jews have grown up not knowing about Israel.

They’ve seen the Palestinians, the Palestinians have seen Israel, and now they’re learning about the Jewish people.

It’s a good thing they did.

But it’s also a bad thing, because it’s been a lot harder to explain to your kids the true meaning of Zionism to them than to the Palestinians.

They’re not yet comfortable with the word, and the word has become a source of tension between them and their parents.

So here’s how to tell your kids about Israel without being offensive to them.


Stop telling your kids that Israel is a Jewish state.

This one isn’t a problem, and it can be avoided.

It is true that Israel has been called the “Jewish state” by many people, and Jewish identity is part of Israeli society.

In the Jewish community, it is considered a national trait.

When it comes to Judaism, it’s a cultural identity, which is something a person can be proud of.

In fact, Israel has many synagogues that are part of the Jewish state, and these synagoges are part and parcel of Israel.

It has an identity and a history that goes back thousands of years, so it should be okay for kids to talk about it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to tell them that Israel exists, and that the Jewish People are the only people on Earth who are obligated to defend it.

In truth, Israel is not the only Jewish state and the Jews aren’t obligated to protect it.

The fact that the Jews live in the Jewish State does not mean that they have a right to exist there.


Stop using the word “Israel” as a synonym for “Jewish people.”

The term “Israel,” like “Jewishness,” is a term that has been associated with the Jews for thousands of centuries.

It means a place of worship, a country, a state.

When we hear it in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, we are really hearing it in a very personal way.

The Israeli people and the Palestinian people have been fighting for centuries for the right to live in their land, and to be equal citizens of a country that belongs to them and not to a foreign power.

But when we hear the word Israel in the broader context of Israel-Palestinian conflict, it becomes a synonymous term that is often used to justify and justify Israeli actions and policies, which in turn contributes to the conflict.

For example, Israel was built on the lands of the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli settlers who are now occupying them.

They are responsible for the occupation of their land.

The term is also used by the international community to justify the occupation and the violence against them.

In many countries, it has also been used by Israel to justify its continued occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and its policies of Judaization and apartheid.

There are many ways in which the word is used to dehumanize the Palestinian People.


Stop saying, “I’m a Zionist.”

It’s not enough to say that you are a Zionist.

This is not an easy word to use, and there are many things you can do to stop it.

For one thing, the word does not describe your Jewishness or your faith.

The word is also not a personal thing, and many of us are very much part of a different Jewish tradition.

We don’t all belong to the same tribe, and most of us have different traditions.

The words “Zionist” and “Zionship” can be used in different contexts, and they can have very different meanings.

But we all understand the commonality that lies in our Jewishness and our religious identity.

You can call yourself a Zionist and still have a very different religious and cultural background.

You could call yourself an anti-Zionistic Zionist and be very uncomfortable with the term, but that doesn’t make you a bad person.

The same goes for saying, for example, that I’m a “Zivot” or a “Judeo-Zimrottan” or that I belong to a “Jewish State.”

In these cases, the term Zionism is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of beliefs, and we should not use it as a blanket condemnation of all Jews.

It does not define who is a Zionist, and as such, it does not give a right for a person to discriminate.


Avoid using the term “Zio” as an epithet for Jewish people who support Israel.

When you use the term Zionist, you are saying that you want to live together with other people who are Jewish and to live with them, and you are making it clear that you would like to be a part of their lives.

It implies that your life is one of being Jewish and living with other Jewish people and having a Jewish identity.

There is nothing wrong with being a Zionist in its

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