How to use the #UnivOfUTAH hashtag to get the word out about UT-Davis

UT-DOT has announced a partnership with a local news station to promote the university’s campus and its students.

The station, KHOU, is a nonprofit news outlet that is not affiliated with UT-Austin.

The partnership is part of the UT-UTSA Community Partnership program, which has the goal of bringing local news to the students of the University of Texas System.

The announcement comes on the heels of UT-Kanab, UT-Houston, UT Southwestern, UT Western, UT East, UT West, and UT East Central Universities launching their own #Universities of the Week on Twitter, which will focus on one or more of the universities located in the state.

The university is also sponsoring a hashtag campaign on Twitter for the hashtag, UT, that will feature a variety of events.

The partnership between KHOU and UT-Bryan, which is a sister station to KHOU in Dallas, will help promote the partnership and KHOU’s mission.

“The partnership with the University and Bryan will allow the stations to reach a wider audience,” UT-E, UT UT-Dallas, and the University’s Austin campus all said in a statement.

“We look forward to sharing our efforts with the community through our #UniversityOfBryan hashtag.”

In addition to the partnership, KHou will be featuring a series of social media posts and posts on its website.

“As the University, Bryan, and KHou join forces to provide a more inclusive campus, the collaboration between them and UT is a fantastic example of how we are connecting with students and the wider community,” UT Director of Communications Dan Wojcik said in the KHOU announcement.

“I think the partnership will help bring a more diverse and inclusive UT community to life, as well as our students.”

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