How to write an ad: How to turn an internet meme into a viral hit

The best way to turn a meme into an internet hit is to write it right.

That’s what Zachary Beck is doing with his viral campaign, which uses the phrase “the best way of writing an ad” to illustrate how to turn it into a social media phenomenon.

Beck is a marketing and PR manager for the Columbus State University (CSU) student government, and the campaign he’s working on is a way to promote CSU’s athletics program.

“If you’re a CSU student, you know, you’re part of a university, and you can’t be alone on campus,” Beck told Business Insider.

“We want to give that opportunity to our students, and we’re going to do that by turning the internet into a meme, a viral meme.”

Beck’s ad is an homage to the meme of the same name, which has become popular on the internet in recent years.

The meme is the result of the popular video game series Overwatch, which features the characters Reaper and Mercy fighting alongside each other.

It was created in 2008, when the game was first released, and has since gained popularity as an alternate reality video game where players compete to kill other players and take down objectives.

The internet meme is now being used to help spread awareness of CSU, as well as the university’s athletics team.

For Beck, the idea for the campaign came to him after watching a documentary about the school.

“I saw this documentary called ‘The best way’ of writing ads, and I was like, ‘Hey, I’d love to make a viral ad,’ ” Beck told BuzzFeed News.

“So I just thought, ‘What’s the best way?'”

In his ad, Beck’s characters, including a blonde-haired Mercy, are seen posing with a giant poster of an eagle holding a sign reading “The best of the best.”

“This is the perfect way to take that meme and turn it and get it to viral,” Beck said.

“I’m going to make it look like a billboard, with the words ‘Best of the Best.'”

The ad uses the hashtag #BestoftheBest to highlight the fact that the university has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

Beck and his campaign will launch next week, with Beck saying it will be a long-term effort.

Beck hopes that the meme will go viral and will eventually be a viral sensation, so that the rest of the world can use the meme as an inspiration for their own campaigns.

Beck’s campaign is part of the CSU team’s efforts to get their school on social media and gain more awareness of the school, according to Beck.

In addition to the billboard campaign, Beck and CSU have also launched a campaign to support the football team’s mascot, a bear.

“They’re doing a lot to raise awareness, and they’re really into getting the mascot on social,” Beck added.

“And so I’m really excited about that.”

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