Loyola University of Dayton graduate teaches first self-driving car in Ohio

Loyolaj University of Dayton graduates have taught a self-driven car to drive itself for the first time.

The graduates of the University of Ohio’s robotics and self-service program, along with two students from Michigan State University, drove their own cars on the university’s campus last week.

Loyola students Josh Clements and Jonathan Mather, who have worked on the project, said they are proud of the results and want to use the experience to encourage other university graduates to take up robotics as a career.

They’ve set up a website to share their work with the public.

The self-guided vehicle is called the R3 and is a new model for autonomous vehicles, and the first of its kind to be built at a public university.

Its designers say it can navigate itself to and from the university library and perform tasks like picking up items and delivering them to a customer.

The car has been designed to work with existing systems and has been built to withstand the impact of a collision.

The team said it could be used in classrooms, laboratories and on the road.

A prototype of the self-guiding vehicle, which will be used by Ohio University students in the next few weeks.

Credit: Loyulaj University, Dayton, Ohio, United States.

The researchers said they had already been using the prototype for about two months and they had taken some small tests with the car to make sure they had it in working order.

The researchers said their goal was to test the vehicle on a wide variety of conditions and to make a real impact on the public by encouraging the use of autonomous vehicles in public spaces.

Clements said that the students are very excited about the potential that autonomous vehicles have and that they want to see how the technology evolves.

“I’m really excited to see what’s possible with the next generation of autonomous cars, and I hope that the R-3 has the opportunity to become one of the first autonomous vehicles,” he said.

“We want to build it for people to use in their classrooms, and we want to put it in their hands as well.”

The project was funded through the US Department of Transportation’s Robotics Challenge program, a federal initiative that allows universities to participate in robotic vehicle projects that would otherwise go unfunded.

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