Marquette University students plan to wear pink shirts to protest Trump

A small group of Marquette students have created a pink t-shirt to show support for student protests against the Trump administration.

The students made the shirts, called the “March Against Trump,” after a petition that calls for a protest in March against President Donald Trump.

The shirts are part of a larger project by the students to encourage students to take to the streets and participate in actions against the administration, such as marching in the streets in the days before a Presidential inauguration.

“I was inspired by the women’s marches, and it seemed like the right time to do something,” one of the students, Jessica Kwon, told Ars.

“It’s about time we get out into the streets.”

Kwon said that the group of students have decided to start the project as a demonstration, because they want to create awareness for what the students feel are issues facing the country under Trump.

“We wanted to create a platform to start a conversation,” she said.

“There’s not much happening outside of that, and I wanted to start that conversation.

The goal of the protest is to have a conversation about how we’re going to change the country and how we are going to move forward in the world.”

The students have a goal of creating a new social media platform to help them organize protests, but they have so far not had a successful launch of their website.

They plan to launch an “anti-fascism” platform that will help students organize events and protests, as well as a “people’s platform” for people to share their experiences of racism and police brutality.

“The purpose of the platform is to empower people to speak up about their experiences,” Kwon told Ars in an interview.

“In the future, we’ll have other platforms that we can use, but the idea of a platform that we could build is very powerful.”

Students say that their protest will be peaceful, but some have said that they will not tolerate police brutality and have threatened violence.

“Police brutality has no place in America,” Kwan said.

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