Seattle University researchers find new link between sleep and brain health

The latest research from researchers at Seattle University shows that a sleep disorder called narcolepsy can have a direct impact on the brain.

Sleep disruption and other sleep disorders can impair the sleep patterns of the brain’s reward systems and lead to sleepiness, which can contribute to mood and anxiety.

The new research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was conducted by researchers at the University of Washington and the University at Buffalo.

The team found that a link between narcolexia, or sleep disturbances, and brain damage has been documented in other species including primates, elephants, monkeys, and humans.

Sleep disorders are common among people in many other species.

Some studies have found a link in humans, but there’s not enough data to draw any conclusions from that.

“We found that in humans it’s a very real concern,” said study leader and neuroscientist Dr. Sarah Wasserstrom.

She is the first person to identify the genetic basis for narcolesia.

“It’s a condition that affects a lot of people, and it’s really hard to diagnose.”

Sleep disruption has been linked to brain damage.

In other words, if the brain gets damaged, then the brain has to repair itself.

Sleep disruptions are associated with a range of health issues.

For example, narcolysia affects people who have a history of stroke or stroke-related brain injury.

And people with narcolegia are often in a state of permanent disorientation.

In the new research study, researchers took blood samples from 40 people with a history or a diagnosis of narcolysis, a disorder that causes severe disruption of sleep.

They then compared the participants’ brains with those of people with normal sleep.

The participants with narcosyme also had higher levels of the proteins called NOS, which is a component of a sleep-wake cycle that is critical for the body’s biological rhythms.

NOS plays a critical role in regulating the body clock and circadian rhythm.

This allows us to sleep, eat, and move around during the day.

“What we’ve found is that NOS can be directly involved in sleep disturbance,” said Wassersten.

“The fact that these protein levels are high in these individuals is very significant.”

The researchers also looked at the sleep pattern of the people with sleep disruption.

“In these individuals, the sleep was disrupted, and we found that they had lower levels of NOS,” said Dr. John J. Brown, a neurologist and professor of medicine at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“So, this protein level that was lower in these people, they had less NOS.

It means they weren’t in the optimal sleep pattern.”

Sleep is critical to your health.

It helps regulate the body temperature, regulate the blood sugar levels, regulate your immune system, and help your body get enough oxygen to move around.

Sleep can be disrupted when you have a brain disorder called sleep apnea.

If you have sleep apneas, your breathing slows down and you don’t get enough sleep.

When this happens, your brain has less time to rest.

“Sleep disruption can actually increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders,” said Brown.

“This is a very, very important finding.”

The results of this study were significant because the researchers identified a specific protein in the brains of narcosys, called NPS.

NPS is a protein that’s involved in regulating circadian rhythms.

In narcolemics, NPS levels are elevated.

That means that the body doesn’t have enough time to repair NPS proteins.

It also means that these individuals had lower amounts of NPS protein in their brains, which indicates that they’re less likely to get narcolectives.

“People with narcomlexia are also at higher risk of other brain conditions,” said J.C. Smith, a sleep researcher and co-author of the study.

“They also have lower levels in their bodies of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the body clocks.”

Smith has been studying sleep disorders in narcolympics participants.

“For narcoletes, this is really important because it means they’re not getting enough sleep,” said Smith.

“I’ve seen studies that suggest that if you’re a narcolete, it means you’re probably not getting the right amount of sleep and you’re getting less sleep than you should.”

Narcoleptic patients often experience a sense of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

This may be related to the loss of NPs in their brain.

Narcolexic patients also tend to have higher levels in the immune system.

It may be that their immune system is damaged and that causes them to be less sensitive to infections.

These are all things that people with other sleep-disrupting disorders, such as narcocephaly, are more likely to experience.

“Narcoleptics have been at increased risk for heart attacks and strokes,” said Shari G. Ouellette

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