Students are being forced to stay up late in class for ‘safe space’ to deal with social anxiety

Students are struggling to cope with the social anxiety caused by their school’s move to a new building, which some say is a form of safe space.

In an interview with the Star, Toronto District School Board president John Gagnon said he is concerned students who attend classes in the new building are not getting enough sleep, and that the school will have to spend more time on safety in the buildings.

Gagnon is among those calling for a meeting of the board, which oversees school facilities in Toronto, to discuss the situation.

He said that while it’s important for students to be able to study and learn, the board needs to consider safety in its own buildings.

“I’m not asking for any more safe spaces, but I do want to know how this will affect students,” he said.

“How it will affect the ability to be productive.”

“We need to be very clear on what’s safe and not safe,” he added.

“And we need to figure out ways to make sure the buildings are safe.”

Gagno also noted that the board is working with other organizations, including the Toronto Police Service, to develop guidelines for safe spaces.

The building at 416 Avenue and Dundas Street West, where the new school is located, has been a controversial building in Toronto.

The board’s decision to move it was announced in February.

The move came after concerns were raised about the building’s proximity to a large student population and a proposed new tower.

The new building will replace the existing space that used to house the school’s recreation centre.

The proposed tower, which was first announced in July, will include a gymnasium, fitness center, a lecture theatre and a new community centre.

It’s not the first time a building in the city has had social anxiety problems.

Last summer, Toronto Police launched an investigation into the school board over allegations of unsafe spaces and unsafe facilities.

On Friday, a statement from the Toronto District Public School Board said that the department was reviewing safety concerns surrounding the new structure.

“The district will be working with the police and community partners to provide information and to assess the needs of students,” the statement read.

“We also want to be transparent about the district’s plans and will work with the community to inform that process.”

While there are currently concerns about the school building, Gagnons statement noted that it’s not a high-profile building.

A spokesperson for the board did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the statement, the district plans to make the building safer and more secure in the future, and work with other schools in the district to do so.

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