Texas university’s reputation has been damaged by sexual misconduct claims

Flourishing Texas International University (TUI) in Fort Worth is a model for how universities can become successful, even when students report harassment or misconduct.TUI was the first Texas university to be named an International Student Achievement Center (ISAC) in 2018, and its graduates are among the best in the country.

The school’s reputation was damaged after an investigation found that at least two female students had been sexually assaulted and another woman claimed she was gang-raped at a party in 2014.

Tui was also one of only three universities to receive a “perpetrator” label in the latest ISAC rankings released earlier this month.

A second female student was also reported to have been sexually harassed.

But the university says the allegations are false and the accusations are not supported by any evidence.

According to a letter obtained by the Houston Chronicle, one of the students who filed the complaints said she had been assaulted by a fellow student, who “made a comment about the way she looks and how she was attractive.”

The complaint was made to the school’s Office of Sexual Misconduct, but the allegations have not been proven in court, the letter said.

In March, university President Joe Alsup said he would step down at the end of the academic year to focus on TUI’s “commitment to diversity, inclusion, and inclusion.”

He has since resigned, according to the Chronicle.

The university issued a statement on Wednesday saying it had taken the allegations “very seriously” and was “investigating” the allegations.

The statement said it had “conducted an internal investigation, and we have identified a number of potential violations.”

The university said it has hired a new Title IX coordinator, who will begin in August.

It also announced that a new sexual misconduct prevention and prevention and adjudication coordinator will be added.

In a statement, TUI said the university is committed to creating an environment where all students feel safe, protected, and respected, and that it would “stand with those who have reported the misconduct and are experiencing the impact of the investigation.”

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