‘The biggest, most consequential political crisis since the Civil War’: Trump’s ‘bailout’ of GOP

President Donald Trump’s “bailouts” of Republicans and Democrats alike, including one that left many states without health insurance for months, are just the latest signs of his increasingly divisive and polarizing presidency.

The crisis is the latest sign of Trump’s deepening political and social alienation and its implications for the country.

And while his presidency has been a remarkable success for the American people, its likely to continue to be a disaster for the GOP, a group that has suffered the most from his presidency.

This is why, despite Trump’s best efforts, the GOP faces a dire, long-term challenge, a report from the Center for American Progress found.

The report, “The Next American Revolution: The American Party and the Struggle to Save the Republic,” concludes that despite Trump being the nation’s first black president, he is already a political and economic disaster.

Its also clear that, despite the GOP’s best attempts to be the opposition party, they will never be able to win a majority in Congress, the report found.

It noted that the GOP has lost seats in the House and Senate because of Trump, while its losing its majority in the governorships and state legislatures.

“Despite his best efforts to the contrary, Trump has turned the Republican Party into the most anti-intellectual, anti-scientific, and anti-science party in history,” the report concluded.

And while the GOP lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016, their losses were far larger than the overall population, with the average Republican losing nearly 20 percent of their vote.

Trump’s presidency, the authors argued, is a failure on a scale so great that it will “unlock the floodgates for a new American revolution.”

The report also argued that Trump’s presidency will continue to embolden Republicans, who have lost so many seats that, if they win control of the House, they could win back the House in 2026.

If Republicans are to hold onto the House next year, they need to be able “to win the White House in a competitive midterm election,” the authors wrote.

As the report’s authors pointed out, there are a number of factors at play in their assessment of the GOP.

One is that, with Trump, the party is a “failing institution,” which means that the president is not doing enough to help the party succeed, according to the report.

That is why the report calls for the party to “invest in grassroots organizing and building a movement of people who are motivated to take on Trump in 2018 and beyond.”

The party should also focus on “the most important and dangerous policy areas,” like the budget, immigration, and health care, it wrote.

“The most urgent priority should be to protect vulnerable people and their health care coverage,” the paper added.

While the GOP does have some gains, including winning control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the group still has a long way to go in terms of winning a majority.

Republicans need to find a way to connect to voters on a deeper level, rather than focusing on just their “conservative, religious base,” the study said.

With Republicans losing seats in both the Senate and House, the country may soon find itself without a majority of seats in either chamber.

In 2020, the Democrats will have 52 seats in control of Congress, while Republicans will have 49.

The GOP would need to win at least 30 seats in order to win the House.

Even if the GOP wins the House this year, its still unclear how they will fare in the midterm elections.

The party will need to get rid of “sideshows,” the conservative GOP-friendly candidates who have flocked to the Republican National Committee and the GOP-controlled state parties, the study noted.

And they will need more “compromise” on some of their key policy priorities, like the tax plan, immigration reform, and the budget.

“They have a lot to lose if they can’t get to 51 seats, but they’re not going to be successful if they have to get to 48,” the Center’s authors wrote, noting that Republicans need to start working with Democrats on these issues.

Given the GOP needs to “build a movement” of Americans to fight Trump, it’s important for the Republicans to start doing things that help them win elections, the analysis added.

“That means taking a lot of progressive positions on issues, particularly climate change,” the researchers wrote.

The study recommends that the Republican leadership work with Democrats, Democrats, and Democrats alone to pass a number social safety net legislation, including expanding Medicaid, expanding child care, and funding public schools, among other issues.

This will help to bring the country together and keep it unified.

To that end, the Center recommended that Republican leaders start by “re-branding” themselves to “make them more attractive to voters,” and that the party “stop attacking their core supporters and

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