This is how Google’s Project Loon works

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Project Loo, Google’s autonomous vehicle-sharing service, chief executive officer John Krafcik told Bloomberg that the company is working on its own version of a flying car.

Kraf, who heads up the project, said Google is working with Boeing on its Project Lool, a version of the drone that would fly over the skies of New York City in a similar way to how drones fly over cities today.

The two companies are also working on a project that would give Google its own flying robot.

Kraff said he was not sure if the project would involve flying robots.

“It’s still in the planning stages, but I think we’re working with a group of experts,” he said.

Project Loon was designed to help Google and its competitors, such as Uber, build self-driving cars that could go around city streets.

The two companies also share data to help each other understand how the other’s cars perform in certain situations.

Google also plans to use Loon’s data to identify problems with the technology and propose fixes.

In a recent article for the New York Times, Kraff detailed some of the ways Project Lullo is working to solve a range of issues in the autonomous vehicle industry.

The company is currently testing a prototype of a vehicle that it claims is able to drive itself on sidewalks, cross streets and cross streets without assistance from a human driver.

Krafe said that it is also working to identify where roads are too narrow for a drone to fly through.

Kraf said the project has been working on improving its autonomous vehicle software since 2014, and that the team has been focusing on improving safety and improving the system’s performance.

Krafs team has built a prototype drone that has been flying over New York for the past two years.

Kraftiks team is currently working on another prototype that can fly autonomously and is scheduled to fly into New York in 2019.

He said the company hopes to have a working prototype within two years of the original flight.

Project M is also in the works.

Krauf said that Project M is a vehicle with a driver that flies through cities on its drone.

Krafu said that this is the first vehicle in a longer term project to be built by Google that will have a human on board.

Google has said that the cars would not be able to operate autonomously for more than six hours a day and would be used in the streets for the duration of the trip.

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