‘This is why we hate white men’: University student explains why he’s so angry about white men

Princeton University graduate Jared Larson said he has never met a white man who was less racist than him, and that this is why he hates white men.

Larson, who identifies as a queer black man, said he’s been taught by white students that “black is just a colour”.

“I have no idea what the term black is, so I just think that white people are just trying to categorise people,” he said.

“I think that’s racist.

It’s just racist to think that somebody can be a different colour than you and just be a white person and not think you have to conform to that.”

Larson said his professors were taught by a white professor who used the word “queer” and referred to him as “black” in class.

“When I came to Princeton University, I thought, ‘That’s how I’m going to be treated.’

I thought they were going to take that from me,” he told CBC News.

Larson said the white people in his class were racist and didn’t know that “queers” exist.

“It’s not that there are white people who don’t see queer people and who aren’t racist, but I think that that’s where they’re coming from,” he added.

He said he felt alienated at Princeton, and eventually he left for another university in the U.S. and went to work for the National Alliance.

“In the U-S., we are so used to it that we forget that there is another culture, that there’s other cultures of people that don’t share our culture, and we think that we are the only people that understand that and can speak to that other culture,” he explained.

Larson is a queer academic at the Princeton University in New Jersey, and his activism for LGBTQ rights has been championed by the LGBTQ group Lambda Legal.

“He is the most visible queer academic in the world, and it’s a privilege to be a part of that,” said Rachelle Stassen, the group’s director of policy and advocacy.

“His work is very powerful and he’s had a long career as a professor.”

Larson’s activism has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, who in June called the university “the finest institution in the land” for being a “great school for the best in the LGBTQ community.”

“You have to be willing to say that you are gay, queer, trans, intersex or just queer to be an effective public servant,” Trump told the campus newspaper.

“If you can’t be a good public servant, how can you possibly be a citizen of the United States?”

But he said he wasn’t ready to abandon his cause just yet.

“The more I think about it, I don’t really have a strategy right now, but that’s not to say I don, either,” he admitted.

And I think a lot of times, a lot, we just have to let the other side speak.”

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