‘We’re not just going to give up’: Flushing college students rally to end racism

A group of students at Flushing High School have taken the extraordinary step of organizing a mass walkout against racism at the school.

The school has faced criticism for its failure to adequately address racism, including a string of racially charged incidents in recent years.

Flushing High is a predominantly white school that has a predominantly black student body.

A recent internal investigation by the school found that “racism, bullying, and intimidation have increased” during a school year in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

But the students’ actions on Friday have sparked a new wave of national attention, with many calling for a change of leadership at the university.

“It’s our right to be here,” said one student at the event, identified only as “B” in an email to ABC News.

The students have called for an end to racism in all aspects of their lives, including the university and their work in the community.””

We’re going to walk away because we don’t want you to hurt us and our school and our community.”

The students have called for an end to racism in all aspects of their lives, including the university and their work in the community.

“We are taking this opportunity to call for a national conversation about racism, bullying and discrimination in all areas of our lives, and to put a stop to racism and other forms of discrimination in the public school system,” said the student who was not identified.

The walkout is not the first to draw attention to racism on campus.

Earlier this year, the school held a “Black Lives Matter” event in which students gathered at the entrance of the school and chanted “Black lives matter.”

Students at the Flushing event said they were encouraged by the response.

“The students who attended that event really made it feel like it was a community event and that was important,” said “Miguel,” who spoke to ABCNews.com on the condition of anonymity.

“There was a lot of people who came up to say, ‘I’m a part of that.'”

The students also said they plan to make a formal petition for change at the University of Florida, which has received an onslaught of hate crimes in recent months.

The group is also planning a march through the university’s campus on Saturday to demand the resignation of its vice president.

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