What happens when the people of the state of Alabama, in the middle of an economic downturn, are forced to endure another election?

We’ll be watching, and taking notes, on this election, as the results of the election are announced.

We’ll also be watching the impact on the state as a whole.

The fact that this election was decided by a small percentage of the votes cast for the Alabama governor and state legislature, coupled with the fact that the state has not held a statewide vote since the Civil War, suggests that the impact of the loss will be even smaller.

Even in the most conservative state in the nation, the election results could still be a blow for conservative politics in the state.

In this election cycle, it was a particularly ugly one for Republicans in Alabama, with the party suffering a stunning defeat in the Senate and losing the governorship for the first time since 2006.

That, along with other factors, including the fact the Republican nominee for governor was accused of sexual assault and was forced to withdraw his candidacy after allegations surfaced, contributed to the state’s election debacle.

But even though the loss was felt throughout the state, the most significant impact came from the rural areas of the country, where Republicans were not only able to carry those parts of the United States but also win seats in the legislatures of Alabama and Mississippi, the states with the highest Republican populations.

There were also a number of other states that saw similar results, including North Dakota and Montana.

Trump’s loss is not unprecedented in the United Kingdom, however, as his election win has coincided with the Brexit referendum, which saw the British government force a vote on the country’s membership in the European Union.

It’s possible that this could lead to a backlash from the British public against the Brexit vote.

And in any case, if you think the election was not a big enough blow for the Republican Party, think again.

Alabama has already been a battleground state, and this election could be another reminder of just how important it is to win the state and hold on to the majority.

Image: Getty Images

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