What is it about college football that’s so hard to explain?

It’s a question that’s plagued colleges for decades, and one that has come up with more than its fair share of explanations.

But for the vast majority of us, it seems we can’t explain what makes college football such a tough slog.

It’s not about the stats, of course.

The vast majority are good.

It’s not even about the quality of the opponents, the coaching, the facilities.

It just isn’t that simple.

In an era where most college football teams are not in Division I, the Big Ten and SEC have become the two major conferences for college football, with the conference championship game being played at home.

But even with all of that, the games are still played in a way that can be frustrating for fans.

Some games are close, but they are often lost.

Some teams play great, and some don’t.

Sometimes the games feel like a blur, and others feel like it’s a blur.

And what makes the games so difficult to explain to fans is that the games themselves can be a bit of a blur too.

The college football world is so different from the world of professional sports that it’s hard to understand how a college game can feel like any other.

That’s where a new documentary comes in, “Football: The Movie.”

The film is a collaboration between ESPN Films and MTV, and it’s based on the work of producer/director Justin Minkin.

Minkin is a filmmaker and producer from New York who has produced many documentaries, including the award-winning documentary “Black & White,” which chronicled the trials and tribulations of the NAACP and the civil rights movement.

The documentary “Football” will take viewers through the lives of college football players, coaches and coaches from the 1980s to today, and the filmmakers hope to make it seem like college football is as close to real life as it can get.

The film is expected to be released in the fall.

Check out the trailer below to learn more about the film.

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