What is the history of the Kennesaw State University’s seal?


(AP) — What is it about Kennesawa State University that makes it one of the most important places in the country for college students?

That’s a question that could only be answered by a survey of the institution’s seal.

And for the past 100 years, KSU’s seal has been one of its most iconic symbols.

It is the first seal in the nation to have a white background, as is typical for KSU.

The seal is white for its students, but the university’s mascot, a seal bearing a seal of honor and the word “Kennesaw,” is blue for all students.

In 1909, Kennesaws seal was chosen by President Frank H. Hargett as the official seal of KSU in a competition run by the American Legion, which sponsored the competition.

It is now the oldest seal on KSU grounds.

The seal is the universitys emblem and has been on the seal of the state university since 1923.

In 1892, the university had its seal removed because of the Civil War and the Great Depression.

In 1925, it was reinstated, and the seal remained on the university until the 1960s.

In 1980, the seal was replaced by a smaller one that has a blue border instead of the red of the old seal.

Kennesaws crest was red until 1962, when it was red, white and blue.

In 1960, the crest was changed to a gold and silver version.

In 1980, President Donald Trump signed a bill to change the seal to reflect the state’s economic prosperity.

But since then, the state has kept the seal the same.

In 2018, KVS was named the state emblem of the United States, an honor that has been bestowed on Kennesawatts seal.

It also was a member of the American Association of University Professors, and it was the first state university in the United State to receive the prestigious Robert C. Byrd Scholarship.

In 2017, KWS was honored with the Robert C Byrd Scholarship, a national honor that honors students who demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and to civic engagement.

The university has also received an honorary doctorate.

In 2012, it won the Distinguished Educator Award from the American Council on Education.

In 2014, it received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a U.S. government honor.

In 2014, the president of KWS, Frank J. Waddell, received the University’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The school’s president, James J. Gage, who was named president in 2011, said in 2017 that KWS has a rich tradition of excellence.

The last president of the university, William E. Denton, died in 2013.

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