When a baby’s body is buried, what happens to it?

Posted March 30, 2020 05:23:36The body of a newborn infant is being buried at a western New Mexico college when a student and her family leave a funeral home.

Key points:The infant’s body has been taken to a funeral parlour for burial in central New MexicoUniversity of New Mexico student Sarah Hinton said the funeral was a “blessing” for her and her husband, Jackson State University graduate student Joshua HintonKey points Sarah Hensons family says the funeral for the baby’s remains is a “symbol of life”University of Washington student Jessica Jones and her fiancé, Joshua Jones, left the funeral home when they heard about the infant’s deathThey were there for about an hour when they saw Sarah and Joshua, but were not allowed to speak to the baby or anyone inside, they said.

The Henstons said the family was told the body would be transported to the funeral parlor, but they had no idea what was happening.

The couple said they were stunned to learn they were being buried in the same place, and that their baby’s grave would be in the cemetery next to a large cemetery.

“It’s a blessing to know that this baby is here to be buried,” Sarah said.

“To know that the coffin has been placed here in this cemetery and that this is a place that we can all come to know, to know this is where the baby is going to be, and it’s not in a cemetery.”‘

There is no closure’Sarah and Joshua said they have spoken to the head of the funeral service, but the funeral director did not answer their questions.

“The funeral director, I believe, just didn’t want to speak with us,” Sarah Henton said.

“They said they don’t comment on funeral business.”

They didn’t have any comment from any funeral director.

“There is a lot of confusion.”

Josh Jones said the university and the funeral facility were both “very busy” with the school year and did not want to take any chances with their funeral.

“I think it’s sad to see,” he said.

Josh Jones, Sarah’s fiancé and the mother of her baby, said the HensONS family was left confused about the baby.

“We’ve talked to the president and the chancellor, and they haven’t done anything about this,” he told the ABC.

The couple and their son, Joshua, left their car and walked to a cemetery across the street from the funeral site on Wednesday.

Josh said they hoped to get the coffin to the family in time for the funeral, but could not get to the location because the funeral cemetery is in the middle of nowhere.

Josh Jones and Sarah Henson said they wanted to share their sadness and disappointment about the death of their baby.

She was buried at the funeral location, he said, and the Hentsons were not told what was going to happen.

“So, it’s a big loss,” he added.

Sarah said the couple would be sharing their grief and grief with their son on social media.

Read more about baby’s death:A university spokesman said: “There was no closure for the Hinsons family.”

University spokeswoman Anna Smith said the University was aware of the situation and was working with the Honsons to get a more complete picture of the circumstances surrounding the infant and his funeral.

Josh said he was disappointed by the news, but said it would not stop him from attending his alma mater, which he is “100 per cent sure will be fine”.

“I feel like I’ll be in school again, just like we did before,” he explained.

He said he and Sarah were “absolutely devastated” by the loss of their son.

After a short stay at the hospital, Joshua was transferred to the University of New York-Consejo in the Bronx, where he underwent surgery to remove a tumor and was discharged the same day.

Joshua’s mother, who works as a nurse, told the New York Post she was “pretty sure he’s going to make it”.

Josh and Sarah said they planned to return to their university home on Wednesday night, where the funeral will take place.

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