When ‘The Boss’ was just another corporate media hire

The news media and the tech industry have always been at odds.

The news is still a source of bias.

But the tech sector is also a source that is increasingly seeing its share of scrutiny.

When the tech media was just a tiny piece of the news story, the tech companies were mostly ignored.

But now, the companies have become major media targets.

We saw that when Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, came out as gay.

And Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is facing intense scrutiny over the company’s use of artificial intelligence in its News Feed.

It was a story that could have easily gone away when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Pincus were friends and had a friendship that lasted more than a decade.

In the early days, I was part of the business side of the media.

I was also in the newsroom and I remember seeing a lot of stories about Facebook, including a story about Zuckerberg’s wife being pregnant.

And I remember saying to people, ‘Well, this is a story we didn’t hear about before.’

And I was shocked that it wasn’t reported more.

And when we talk about this and how the tech bubble has burst and the news has become more sensational, I think it’s a good time to look back at the way we covered it.

There was an element of, ‘We’re here to tell you what’s going on.

We’re not going to tell it to the other side.’

But that didn’t work.

Now we’re in the era of social media, and that’s the environment we’re living in.

I think that’s where we’re seeing a new level of coverage and how we’re covering the news is different than the old way.

The biggest difference, for me, was that when I was at the Washington Post, I had access to a lot more of the information than I do now.

The same is true for most people at the Times, The Wall Street Journal, or the Los Angeles Times.

When I first started working at these companies, I wasn’t allowed to talk about the politics, the social issues, or anything else that was going on in the company.

Now I get to.

That’s the way it is, I guess.

And that was a big reason why I got my first job at the Post, and then my second job at The Wall St. Journal.

The Wall ST.

Journal is really good about keeping its politics and its news pretty close to the vest.

But in this age, I’m sure that the Washington Examiner, for example, has its politics a little bit closer to the surface than the Wall ST., and it is reporting more on social issues.

So it’s definitely different.

It’s also a great opportunity to get a lot in the way of news about the tech economy.

So when you start to look at the content and the technology and the companies and the stories that have been written, there’s not a lot to compare it to.

And the stories we’re hearing about are very different.

There’s more attention to the tech-centric media.

There are more stories about Apple, Twitter, and Google than there are about the news about health care, crime, or education.

But there are some other big tech stories that we’re not hearing about at all.

And some of the bigger stories are going to be stories about the power of the techies and the power and influence of tech and the money that is being funneled into tech and into Silicon Valley.

And there’s a lot we’re just not seeing.

And then you get into the business sides of the story, like how companies like Twitter and Facebook are using AI to track you.

And it is a great story, and it’s been talked about for years, but it’s not that much news.

And in fact, there are stories that are a lot worse than the tech coverage.

When we started talking about the health care crisis in the first place, there were stories about how Facebook, Twitter and Google were using AI and artificial intelligence to track people and get information about their health and their activities.

And even in the tech world, there have been a lot stories about a lot bigger problems like how people are being tracked by facial recognition technology.

I’m not going back to my college days and saying, ‘You know, we were there.

We knew what was going in the business world.’

But I do think that we need to look a little more closely at the news, and more attention needs to be paid to the issues.

And for some people, that might be the business news they want.

And other people might not care much about that.

I’ve seen the news coverage on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

They’re all covering the same thing.

They all have their own biases.

Some of them are focused on politics, some of them focused on tech.

And a lot is going on behind the scenes.

But for the majority of people who watch these stories,

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