When the world’s top universities were built in 1857, they were all built by students from the UK and the US, says historian James Withers

It’s a tale that’s been told countless times over the past few years: The world’s greatest university built in the UK by students of the British and American ruling classes.

Now, that story is about to be told again, in the latest episode of the BBC History Channel series The Great American Universities.

BBC History’s David Attenborough explains how universities were founded and how they evolved over time.

A history of the world This episode is part of BBC History: The Great US Universities series, which will be shown on Sunday 7 October.

Watch the full programme here.

The history of American universities This is a short history of colleges and universities in the US and the world.

Here’s a brief overview: In 1775, the founding fathers of the United States were inspired by the idea of creating a “great university” at the center of the nation’s economy.

They named it the University of Pennsylvania.

It was to become a “collegiate of the arts” in a later decade, with the University, which was a public institution, gaining notoriety for its arts education and research.

The University of Chicago became the first private university in the country in 1835.

The US and UK both established their own universities in those years, with each country having its own university system.

In the US in 1842, the US constitution made a provision for universities to be “open to the free and the intelligent”, with the right of access being restricted to “citizens of the State” and “citizens or subjects of the Government of the Republic”.

The first US university in this category, founded by John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, opened in 1849.

In 1896, the first US college in this area, Harvard, opened.

But by the 1930s, it was becoming increasingly difficult to attract students from around the world to the US due to the war.

This led to the formation of the American Institutes of Technology, which in turn led to creation of the US National Institutes of Health in 1934.

Universities are still seen as a cornerstone of the country’s economic development and growth, but they are increasingly less of a pillar of democracy and more of a mechanism for creating the next generation of leaders, experts and businesspeople.

The founding fathers and the founders of American institutions (both private and public) In the 1800s, the founders and the creators of American colleges, universities and corporations were largely men.

Among the founding members of the University at Buffalo in New York City were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin, the great-grandson of the Founding Fathers, became the President of the university in 1807.

In 1817, John Hopkins opened its first medical school, at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore.

This followed a series of private and commercial institutions across the country, many of which became US national laboratories.

Among those were the Harvard Medical School in 1834 and Columbia University in 1836.

By the end of the 19th century, the American university was dominated by men and women of all backgrounds.

As the US grew in population, universities became increasingly popular places to study.

As a result, it’s important to remember that the American University has always been a place where the first women’s colleges opened in the early 1900s, and it’s also a place for a number of famous men, including Benjamin Franklin, who is credited with inventing the first computer.

A list of American presidents This is the list of presidents who have served as president of the universities, or who have held the office of president of a university.

In 1781, John Adams became the second president of Columbia University when he became the third.

Thomas Jefferson, the father of the Republican party, became first president of Yale University in 1865.

James Madison, the founder of the modern republic, became president of Princeton University in 1889.

James Garfield became president at Yale in 1887.

Abraham Lincoln became president in 1861.

George Washington became president three times.

Theodore Roosevelt became president four times.

Franklin Roosevelt became President of Fordham University in 1945.

George W. Bush became president five times.

Gerald Ford became president eight times.

Barack Obama became president nine times.

George H.W. Bush was elected to the presidency in 2008.

George Bush Sr. was elected in 2008 and is the longest-serving US president.

John F. Kennedy, the elder statesman, became President in 1963 and is often credited with launching the US into the space race.

Lyndon Johnson became President twice.

Theodore Roosevelt became first President of Harvard University in 1893 and was a lifelong student of the law.

William Howard Taft became first Vice President of Massachusetts in 1882 and served for more than two decades as Governor of New York.

Abraham Ribicoff became President three times, including in 1945 and 1960.

Gerald R. Ford became President four times, twice as governor and twice as president.

In 1956, George Wallace became president.

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