Which state universities are the most ranked?

The University of Oklahoma is a top-ranked university in Oklahoma and the state has a high proportion of highly ranked universities, according to a survey by the Associated Press.

The AP’s ranking of the state’s top 20 universities, released Thursday, found that the University of Tulsa is ranked first, followed by the University at Buffalo, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma University of Technology, Oklahoma City University, and the University in Tulsa.

The survey, which took place in August, included responses from more than 8,000 people in each state.

Oklahoma is also ranked third for its university enrollment, with 3,814 students in its system.

The rankings were based on the percentage of students from each state’s universities who received a bachelor’s degree.

Oklahoma is the only state to have two states with the highest proportion of students with a bachelor degree.

The University of Cincinnati is the fourth-ranked institution in the state, with 1,982 students.

The top 10 colleges and universities in the U.S. are as follows: Ohio State University is No. 3, followed closely by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (No. 5), University of Pennsylvania (No 7), Stanford University (No 10), Princeton University ( No 11), University at Albany (No 13), Boston University (N/A), University College London (N/-), University University of Southern California (No 14), University Chicago (No 15), and University of Colorado Boulder (No 16).

The AP said the top 10 schools ranked were a combination of state universities with more than 500 students, private schools and public and community colleges.

The ranking was based on four factors: undergraduate enrollment, the proportion of graduates with degrees from each institution, the percentage who earned associate degrees, and a university’s reputation.

The rankings also looked at the proportion that students chose to attend an accredited school.

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