Why Jacksonville University’s Film School Is Getting a New, More Global Headline

Jacksonville’s film school is getting a new, more global headline after the university announced it is moving to a more global model.

The new branding is being announced today by Jacksonville College, which is the largest, most selective film school in the country.

Jacksonville will begin using the hashtag #GlobalEd, which the university’s president, John Cusack, said was a response to a need for global students to “explore different ways of seeing, working, and learning.”

The school’s students have been working to “transform the visual language of our curriculum and curriculum innovation,” Cusak said.

The school will now “offer an interactive curriculum that is engaging, engaging, and interactive,” Cressey said in a statement.

“We will be introducing new and innovative content to our curriculum to ensure that students are engaged with films from all walks of life.”

This is the first time the school has had the new tag.

Last year, Jacksonville became the first private institution to use the hashtag, and its new logo was inspired by the film studio of The Lego Movie.

The tag is the university and its brand’s first international one, Cresse said.

Cressell also pointed out that the tag was first launched in 2016, with the tag first used in an essay in the University’s Journal of Film and Literature in 2017.

The film school had to be retooled and rebranded, and it’s a new tag that Jacksonville chose, Cusacks statement said.

Jackson’s branding is the latest attempt by the university to “reinvent itself,” and Cresssey said that “the new branding aligns with our mission of making the university the global center for filmmaking.”

Jacksonville students have created more than 100 movies that were chosen for international release, Causack said.

“As filmmakers, we have created and published many of the most exciting films of our time, including The Lego Batman Movie, which became the top-grossing movie of the year in the United States,” he said.

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