Willson Paterson University: West Chester University’s $50M renovation and expansion project completed

A $50 million renovation and $70 million expansion of the William Paterson university in Chester is complete, with the university receiving $35 million in state funding, and its new buildings constructed with $25 million in federal funds, university officials announced Wednesday.

West Chester University President Mike Sifakis announced the completion of the $50.5 million, 14-story William Patenson College of Arts and Sciences, which will house nearly 10,000 students.

Sifakis said construction began in July and will wrap up by March 2020.

The building is now expected to be finished in 2022.SIFAKIS said the new buildings are designed to help students meet and work with each other and enhance the university’s quality of life, as well as provide a unique campus experience for the public.

The renovation is the latest in a series of projects at the university, including the addition of a new health and wellness center in 2016, as part of a broader effort to build a more inclusive campus.

The William Patterson campus is located at 816 S. West Street in Chester, about 35 minutes from the university.

The new buildings will include classrooms, a cafeteria, library, and offices.

The construction of the new William Patson College of Art and Sciences will cost $70.6 million, which includes $14 million in private funds.

The construction is expected to take four to five years, and is expected in 2019.

The new buildings were designed by renowned architect and urban planner William Patford, and include new classrooms, offices, and a health and fitness center.

The cost of the project has not been disclosed.

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